Humility in Serving God’s Little People

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Recently I was reminded about the whole purpose of serving The Lord. Many times we think that serving God would involve something that is of our interest, desire, ability, personality, born-with skills, or nature. In reality, God is actively working amongst His people. To be able to serve in His house and people is our privilege. The center of this act should be our love and relationship with Him. It is never about us. I hope my testimonial below can be a blessing to anyone of you or your loved ones that is contemplating about God’s calling. Continue reading

Playing “If Only” Game

Have you ever played “if only” game? If only I was smarter, I could get a better job. If only we had more money, we could donate to that charity a little bit more. If only I’d tried harder, I could have won the competition. If only my spouse was more caring, our marriage would be so much happier. If only I got that project, I would have a better career. If only I had made that investment last month, I would have been two times richer. And the list goes on…

There are times when my mind also played such game. Instead of making things better, the thought made things worse and us feeling uncomfortable. Without realizing, we are lamenting and wishing for something that, perhaps, unreal or cannot be changed anyway. Continue reading

People is for God’s Purpose and Provision

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Have you ever met someone randomly, and you started wondering if that meeting actually has a specific purpose? I personally believe that meeting or getting to know people placed in your life is not coincidence.

Do not underestimate the power of people around you. They are there for a reason and purpose. Continue reading

“Coincidence” is God’s Providence

Budapest 1 edDo you believe that there is no such thing as coincidence? In life, everything has a purpose. Our God is an organized God. He knows exactly every purpose and reasoning for things to happen. His timing is mighty – never too late, but never too early. All the details are well designed; nothing comes out of his sights.

There might be times when you might be wondering why you faced a certain situation, moved into a new place, got assigned to a new job, met new people “by coincidence”, experienced new circumstances, and so much more. Are they happening just because? Continue reading

His Favor Will Take You To Places You Would Never Go On Your Own

There are many quotes out there that promote hard work as the key to success; diligence as the key to accomplishment. I won’t say that these quotes are wrong. I just think that they missed the fact that everything we have – whether it is opportunities, blessings, or materials – is entrusted by God. It is by His grace. I truly believe that without grace, none of these would be yours or mine.

Let me start with my personal testimony. Continue reading

Ballad of The Perfectionists – How to Turn Perfectionism into Strength


Some people say that perfectionism slows people down, brings failure and disappointment. As a perfectionist and occasional control freak, I have been guilty of trying too hard to plan and execute – perfectly. Contrary to what people think about perfectionism though, I consider it as one of my strengths, or at least a feature that contribute to my success. However, I believe that this trait has to be balanced out in order to convert it into a valuable tool.

How do you balance your perfectionism? Here are 8 things that I am implementing in life to use the trait for my own benefit: Continue reading